LC-M CISD will keep district website up for weather, delays, or cancellations

Published 11:51 am Friday, August 25, 2017

This is the message that our parents have received concerning our plans for school on Monday. I will send updates as decisions are made.

It seems we are going to have a wet first week back to school. Since there is no way now to know what kind of road conditions we will have on Monday, we ask that you check the District’s website for updates on delays or cancellations. The address is

We will also send out School messenger e-mails and phone calls to parents of all the students registered online and will post updates on the District’s Facebook page as we have information to pass along.

Please take the time to verify that your e-mail and phone numbers listed in Parent Access are correct, so you are sure to get any messages that are broadcast through the School Messenger system.

If there is any question of high water on our bus routes, our Director of Transportation, in the wee hours of the morning, drives the routes that are the lowest to assure they are safe for buses to travel.