Remembering a great baseball team

Published 8:49 am Wednesday, August 23, 2017

By Dickie Dixon

Belated Birthdays:  August 18th:  Patsy (Mann) Sutton 20th:  Skeet Anglin, James Stevens, Gerrie (Currie) Paulette

For Posterity’s Eyes August birthdays:  17th: Sue (Rolf) Gorden, Brian McClain 18th:  Kermit Kennedy 19th:  Francisco (Pancho) Lopez  20th:  Mary Willmon, Tami Hebert, Charity Ryan 21st:  Rose Taylor Lee 22nd:  Gary Seamans 23rd:  Tyler Tippit, Tresten Gray 24th:  Marion (Vines) Brown, Eric Giles,  Yana (Pounders) Ogletree, Deborah Kay (Hollis) Brooks 25th:  Sarah Willingham, Joyce Guidry, Cristina Faz, Jerry Huffman 26th:  Matthew Ryan McGaughey, Danny Martin, Ruth (Trevathan) Delvige

There’s Nothing Worse Than a Sore Winner!  While Lufkin and the East Texas area is focused on our Little League Boys of Summer 2017 who played their first game in the Little League World Series on Thursday, August 17th at 6:00 P.M. in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, I wanted to remind our readers about another great Lufkin team:  the 1963 Lufkin High School baseball team.  (Please see photo on this page).  They had a great year that year under the leadership of Dick Gardemal and ended up playing Bellaire for the state title.  I can still remember listening to that game on the radio.  (Now, if this had been a home game in Lufkin, I would have heard the voice of Minnie Register yelling for the team in the background.)

My sister, a 1964 alumna, was a junior this year when the game was played, and she was all in for Lufkin to win.  Now what intensified the competition was this:  the catcher for Bellaire was  named Bonneau, and his father sold Continental Silverline bedding products to us.  We had a great relationship with his father Jesse Bonneau, a likeable salesman with whom you would have to look really hard to have a reason to dislike.  Jesse was a huge guy, probably six foot three or four, but he was very rotund. Jesse was so close to the family that he stayed overnight with my brother Ardie to save on his lodging costs.  When I graduated from high school, my father and mother asked him to pick up a Seiko watch for my graduation present from high school while he was in Japan, which he did. And, although my brother kidded him hard, you just weren’t going to ruffle Jesse’s feathers for very long; he was pretty much of a steady Teddy, cool-headed man–a great formula for a salesman.

I don’t recall that much of the game, how close it was or what the score was, I just remember my sister’s intensity:  she was bleeding purple and gold out her pores that day because these guys for whom the state title was on the line were her classmates whom she saw every day.  Well, as you from Lufkin know, we won the game and the state title that year, and while my sister was in that competitive mode after the game, she sent the catcher Bonneau a sympathy card.  And as you know, probably from experience, there’s nothing worse than a sore winner.

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