May we never repeat Charlottesville

Published 8:22 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

By John Warren

The events of Charlottesville sickens. Where did such hate come from? Did the men we sent to Europe to give their lives so that hate would be buried die in vain?

The truth is evil lives and it even lives in the hearts and minds of our own people.

Radical Islamic terrorists are not the only terrorists in the world.

There are reports of 90 United States hate groups within our own country. How can this be? The break down of society, the break down of our churches teaching what the Bible really says. The breakdown of the public school system allowing parents and groups to teach from a very young age the hate that is later spewed out on the streets.

As a Christian, we need to take responsibility for allowing this to happen.

It is not taking prayer out of school, it is taking students out of school where they can be brainwashed by cultures of hate.

I know there are some fine teachers who teach Christian living in the home as well. I will not paint everyone with the same brushstrokes.

That makes the churches all the more needed in our culture today to teach the love of God who created us all to love one another. We are brothers and sisters.

Like the children’s song says “red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sight” and they should be precious in our sight too. Then there is the red and blue we are not only divided by race but by ideology.

But the true idiocy of that is that neither group is correct all the time, the truth is we need both. If you have a car that only turns left, you go in circles repeating the same mistake. Sometimes you have to turn right.

The real distaste I have for our politics is that we have lost the power and will to work together and negotiate at the table so nothing gets done. That is ruining us.

It goes against our Christian faith as much as the hate groups.

We must learn to value one another again. Love your neighbor as yourself causes you to value opinions and work for good for both.

Who is to set the example for the rest of us if we do not set the example to begin?

Be kind to one another in your speech in your actions so that your life might reflect the life of your Savior Jesus Christ.

Finally, go to church, pick up a Bible and read what it says, better yet, start in Matthew and see what Jesus says and does.

If you choose to act like him you can not go wrong!

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21