Education, our tax dollars at work

Published 8:21 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

By Demetrius Moffett

In a couple of weeks, the school year will start and the process of learning for most of will begin.

As our children begin another saga in the quest for higher education. How many of our parents are joining in on this journey? How many parents are glad that school is about to begin so they have a place to send their children to get them out of their hair?

School is a facility of learning that will help our children to become employable.

Home is the places of learning that will help our children keep their employment.

I believe that if more of our parents especially dads and fathers were more involved in the school system we will have a drastic reduction in school suspensions and an increase in the quality of learning.

What do you think would happen to our schools if we supported academics like we support high school football and basketball?

We will drive miles and hours, take off work and get downright upset with the coach over a play or substitution and we don’t even have a student attending school. We will lose sleep and attend mid-night madness to support athletics but are too tired to get up and get them up to make it to academics on time.

We’re in diverse social groups talking about the athletic ability of our children but the conversation of academics is not high on the list of dialog topics.

We want to fault our teachers and I do believe that some of our teachers are just here to collect a pay check and or pad their resumes, however if we who are tax payers would be proactive and regularly attend school board meeting, PTO/PTA meetings and police the quality of education and educators, academic scores will increase.

Condemning educators and administrators will not get it done, we have to ensure that our children understand that schools are not a social club; they are institutions of learning.

They’re not the New York runway; they’re places that can cultivate dreams to manage the runways of New York.

I challenge everyone in our community to embrace and empower the dreams of our children. Let’s help them to become corporate professionals, not candidates for prison or economic slaves.

When was the last time you let someone control your money?

Education is a learned behavior; let’s get more involved, it’s our tax dollars.