Together in peace, standing against hate, bigotry

Published 1:43 pm Wednesday, August 16, 2017

By Randy Strong

The Orange Leader

A candle light vigil for peace and humanity was held on Sunday evening in front of the Orange City Hall.

Many individuals and groups, including Southeast Progressive, Juneteenth Committee in Orange and others from all different walks of life from Orange and surrounding counties attended the one of several events that has swept across the nation following the Charlottesville protest rally catastrophe that lead to serious injuries and death.

Orange resident, Marci Patronella of the Southeast Progressive Organization which sponsored the event, explained that the purpose of for the candle light event Sunday was to show that people from all walks of life with many different beliefs can stand together peacefully against hate and bigotry like what occurred in Charlottesville.

“This surpasses all religious and political lines,” Patronella said. “It is an issue of humanity. A chance for people who want to stand up and speak their mind without fear of intimidation or being hurt”.

The people who attended the event believe everyone looks at Orange as a rural community set in it’s ways, unable to change and doesn’t have support for these kind of events.

All who attended, Sunday evening, wanted to show that’s just not accurate. Residents wanted a chance to show the Orange community, no matter their beliefs, can come together in peace to stand up for what they believe is right.