Mahoney announces candidacy for Texas Comptroller for March 2018 Democratic Primary

Published 1:06 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Texas Press Association

Tim Mahoney has filed his Designation of Campaign Treasurer, beginning efforts to get on the Democratic Primary ballot in March 2018. “We are planning to get on the March Democratic ballot by having 5000 Texans sign our petition. Those 5000 signatures must be presented to the Democratic State Party by December 11, 2017, and we plan to work with Texans in every part of the State to get it done.”

“It is time to end the divisiveness and stigmatization of certain groups that isolate and disassociates them for having a public voice. Everyone knows that what you do to the least of us, you do to all of us. This divisiveness has made finding our common core values almost impossible; we are increasingly unable to decide what our future could be. Indeed this creates a trauma in our culture that is painful and disabling.

“It is time to end the bitter obnoxious political language which is needlessly hurting our state, and hurting large swaths of us, from Women to trans-gender youth. The Comptroller’s office should be working with local communities to develop economically grounded programs that ensure the success of our common economic futures, or educational systems, and the health of our citizens. That future is dependent on small businesses and communities finding a way to safe harbors, and as the Texas Comptroller, I intend to partner with Texans to make that happen,” said Tim Mahoney.

“I want to be the Comptroller for all Texans, not just the select few masquerading under the umbrella of some notion of political correctness. As citizens, it is long past time to begin to embrace common sense.”