Vidor officers honored for heroic act

Published 9:01 am Wednesday, July 12, 2017

By Eric Williams

The Orange Leader

Congressman Brian Babin of the 36th Congressional District held a special recognition at Vidor City Hall, on Monday, to recognize local officers for their heroism.

Members of the Vidor Police Department heroically risked their lives to save two victims of a submerged vehicle the night of June 30, 2017.

“These officers put their lives at risk to save two lives,” Congressman Brian Babin said. “Unfortunately the lady did not survive.”

Babin said one of the officers had a body cam on at the time of the heroic act,

“In the video, you can see their hands as they are trying to open the vehicle while it is upside down and under water,” Babin said. “Their first concern was saving the couple in the vehicle.”

According to information obtained from Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll, Alexandria Marie Hailliday, 51 of Cedar Park, Texas was the passenger in a vehicle that left the road and flipped into the School House Ditch on South Main Street in Vidor. The first officer on scene found the vehicle submerged upside down in approximately four feet of water.

As emergency responders arrived they were able to flip the vehicle on its side, and officers removed the two occupants from the vehicle who had been under water for approximately twelve minutes.

Alexandria Halliday passed away the following day from her injuries and the driver, David Ninteman, of Vidor remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Due to the heroism of the Vidor Officers, Congressman Babin recognized these officers for their courage to not only attempt to save two lives while at the risk of their own lives.

Each officer received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

A special award of recognition will also be presented to the Officers by the City of Vidor at a later date.