7,000 pill bottles

Published 8:01 am Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lion Chris Gunstream of the Orange Lions Club stands in front of 27 boxes filled with empty pill bottles. The 27 boxes represents approximately 7,000 pill bottles that have now been shipped to Matthew25Ministeries. The Orange Lions Club along with the other area Lions Clubs wishes to thank everyone who has donated their pill bottles. A special thank you goes out to the Orange Public Library for their continuing support as a drop off location for our pill bottle collection project.

If you don’t remember about this project, the local Lions Clubs are collecting empty pill bottles that will be boxed and shipped to Matthew25Ministries who will then crate the pill bottles and send them to Africa where they will be used by doctors to dispense medication. Currently those doctors are dispensing medication right into the patients hand or wrapping it in a piece of paper. What we are doing is taking an item that we just throw away and we then make sure that item can be used to save a life.

If you are interested in donating your empty pill bottles (no vitamin, herb or solid color bottles), please contact Lion Chris Gunstream at 409-549-2208 or email lionchris@gt.rr.com.