Little Cypress experiencing flooding as the rain continues

Published 3:17 pm Sunday, June 4, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

Orange County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on its official Facebook page concerning the flooding in Little Cypress as the rain continues to fall Sunday afternoon.

“Sand and bags are available at the Precinct 1 County maintenance barn located on N. Hwy. 87 @ N. Teal Road. Residents in high water areas are welcome to bag the sand to use to protect their homes from further rising water.

Citizens are also being asked to be considerate when driving in flooded areas and to drive slow to keep from pushing rising water into people’s houses.

We also want to remind you to NOT drive through areas of rising water, especially in areas of bayous and rivers where water could be flowing fast.”


Orange County ESD #3 also posted sand and bags are available. Residents will need to fill the bags.

With the flooding of roads, be aware of the possibility of road hazard could find its way into the roadway as water dislodges objects and carries them away, such as what appeared to be a car bumper on State Hwy. 87 near Hwy. 105 Sunday afternoon.

Orangefield Water Supply Corporation has reported some areas are having sewer outages due to the heavy rains. They are asking residents to flush with caution.

“If sewer backs up do not use, no washing machine use until notice all is clear. Thanks for your help,” Orangefield Water Supply Corporation said in a notification to residents.