Salter seeks council seat in run-off election

Published 7:51 am Friday, June 2, 2017

My name is Terrie T. Salter and I am seeking Orange City Council Position 3 Councilman Seat in the upcoming run-off election taking place starting with early voting June 5 through June 13, 2017. Election day is June 17, 2017.

I am writing this letter of introduction to ask for your vote and support.   I look forward to the opportunity of serving the people in District 3 bringing our community together.

I decided to run because I have watched a decline of businesses and population. I too have noticed a shift in our city that needs to be turned around. There are great possibilities for our city of Orange.   I want to preserve the city’s history while accepting welcomed changes voted on by the people.

Since 1995, as a nurse I have provided care for the citizens of Orange for years and have earned several degrees with the certification to teach in the State of Texas. I have been a prominent business owner, and educator for the West Orange Cove Consolidated Independent School District and have volunteered assisting people of all ages with various tasks throughout the city. I have lived in District 3 area for 30 of my 46 years. I know this district.   Being a native of Orange I am well acquainted with some of the local problems. If elected, I will try my best to solve these problems.

By picking the right candidate you will be saying that you are ready for Orange to be on the right path again and you will be helping to lead the way. There is still much more to do, so we must build on recent successes and continue to deliver real results for our community. This election offers the people a great opportunity to place a candidate that will bring the right change and an opportunity to continue the forward momentum of our city creating new jobs and investment opportunities.

I will bring the citizens of Orange honesty and transparency about the business of Orange. If it makes no sense, then it should not happen! My mission is for Orange to thrive on every level. Economic development is a major issue of Orange, so we need the meetings with the big companies to happen. I realize that we have work to do.

I want to put something in place to keep our city clean and beautiful. It is important to feel good about the place you call home so let’s see about recycling again and putting our thought together to keep our city clean and beautiful. I want to work closely with the wonderful women that are working hard in the efforts of keeping our city clean and beautiful.

I believe in family values. Let’s build a future for us all, especially our children that go away to earn prestigious degrees. Let’s build something that will draw them back to be a part of the community to give back.

I will work hard and take this role seriously. As a member of this community, and with one active child in this community, I care a great deal about what goes on in the community from the perspective of a parent and taxpayer. Our children need an opportunity to socialize with others in an environment that is conducive to learning like a recreational center.

Our city does not have a lot of crime thanks to the dedicated policemen and citizens working together to keep crime at bay but the data does show that crime goes up during the summer time and I believe that if summer jobs are available that our youth will have something positive occupying their time allowing them to build on job skills.

Looking at the history of Orange, my desire is to make it once again a place here people of all ages can count on a future. This election is important for our city and thanks to good citizens like you, I am confident we can move our city forward.

I would be honored for our support and ask for your vote in the upcoming election! I care about our community and my priority is to continue to address our issues. With your support, I look forward to serving you and moving District 3 and Orange collectively in the right direction. I ask that you allow me to continue to be a part of the board that make the hard decisions for you to live in a city you can be proud to call Orange, proud to call HOME.

Why Terrie T. Salter? It’s simple. I’m “The Change We Need The Voice We Deserve.”