Helping our Neighbors

Published 10:15 am Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lions from the Orange Lions Club along with the Trinity Baptist Church Men’s Fellowship lent a helping hand to one of our neighbors in need by building a ramp. The work began at Billy Harris’ house on Saturday, May 14 and the ramp was completed on Tuesday, May 16 2017. The Orange Lions Club, Trinity Baptist Church Men’s Fellowship were assisted by the Texas Ramp Project, who provided all the material for the ramp. Orange Lions Club members helping with this project were Rusty Honeycutt (Club President), Bill Smith, Carlene Ortolon, Lois Hughes, Ed Freiberg and John Martin. Trinity Baptist Church Men’s Fellowship members helping were Dan Cruse, Jerry Sanford, Norman Scott, Buddy Miller, John Sims, Mike Kelly and Dan Mohon. Billie and Ellie Harris were so grateful and they made sure that everyone had plenty to eat and drink.