Sherwin Williams Volunteers to Paint Oldest Operational Hospice in Texas

Published 8:19 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Special to The Leader

For the first time in Orange, Texas Sherwin-Williams will be aligning its Golden Triangle management team and sales representatives to paint the oldest hospice in Texas: Southeast Orange Hospice. Within one day volunteers will undertake a repaint of the entrance-way and grand meeting room of the hospice using a revolutionary product called Paint Shield.

The Southeast Texas Hospice has been in operation since 1976 under the enthusiastic executive director named Mary McKenna. Mary and her staff run on the motto that “Home Is Where The Heart Is” and Sherwin-Williams wants to make that heart stronger than it has ever before within one day of volunteers coming together. The purpose of the project is to not only begin to exercise Sherwin-Williams scope of volunteer work that can be done in the Southeast Texas area, but to make aware the presence of Paint Shield to the local market.

For the project the company is looking to implement Paint Shield. What makes Paint Shield perfect for the building’s environment is that the product can not just inhibit the growth of common microbes, but can actually kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria along with Staph, MRSA, E-Coli, VRE, and Enterobacter Aerogese that are commonly found in medical facilities. And when the volunteers are long-gone Paint Shield will continue to kill 90% of these bacteria for the next 4 years of its life on the walls.

Sherwin-Williams is aiming to reach local healthcare facilities, hospitality centers, schooling districts, commercial businesses, and even residential consumers through the efforts of our volunteer team and product being applied within the hospice. The staff of the Southeast Orange Hospice and Sherwin-Williams are proud to call the town of Orange their home and the people they serve their friends. You can catch the Sherwin-Williams volunteers at 912 West Cherry Street starting at 8:00 am., Thursday the 25th of May.