Kids rise to meet the challenge

Published 8:15 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Editorial by Mary Ekene

Larry Spears said earlier in the year that in their first week back from Christmas break, he visited the WOS Elementary school and spoke with the students, teachers and school faculty about the upcoming STARR test and how the students were performing this year. He said he discussed about upcoming events, behavior in the classroom and leadership skills going on with the students.

Spears said he realized that we need to “push our kids” to do better, but they needed an incentive. In order to achieve this goal, he came up with a challenge to all the students in grades 1 through 5. In order to improve their grades, testing and leadership skills in the classroom, he would be invited to enjoy an end of the year Pizza Party for them. He would incorporate door prizes as well to congratulate them on a job well done. Spears has offered any one to donate gift cards, summer toys, bikes, skateboards and games that can be enjoyed by the kids during the summer.

I strongly support what Spears is doing because it will motivate our students more to do their best on the test. Although our students should be taught that doing ‘OUR BEST” should be expected, there are some students that I agree work better with a ‘push’. The STARR test is a very important exam that our students need to excel with flying colors. Our teachers need to emphasize how important the test is and work as great leaders to make sure they are learning the material in the classrooms.

The fact that Spears has come up with this incentive shows his continuous support in our community and our schools. He is being a strong voice of motivation, leadership and faith in our young students.

“Next year we plan to challenge both WOS and LCM elementary schools so that we can give our kids something to look forward to!” – Larry Spears.

Spears we appreciate everything you do and Orange, Texas, if you have not done so, go out and support our kids by donating. Spears is ready with open arms for your support.

Remember, our kids are a reflection of us. Show them a good example by the life you live. To all of our students, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!