Book signing in BC; Pushing Back the Darkness

Published 8:24 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

Laura Aranda, of Bridge City, is bringing awareness to human trafficking in America, especially along Interstate 10.

Aranda has published her first fiction novel, Pushing Back the Darkness.

The book was inspired by and written after meeting people from Elijah’s Rising in Houston and learning about the crisis of human trafficking in America, she felt as if Christians needed to step up and become more aware. How can our young people help lend a hand and fight in this modern predicament? Laura wanted to be a voice, according to a press release.

Aranda has donated a copy of the book to the Bridge City Public Library and hold a Meet and Greet Book Signing from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 13.

Categorized as Young Apostolic Adult Christian Fiction, the novel written and created in hopes to bring spiritual awareness to the devastation of human trafficking in Houston, along Interstate 10 and across America.

Laura Aranda graduated from Starks High School in Starks, LA. She attended bible college Jackson College of Ministries and majored in Missions. She attended Sowela in Lake Charles, La majoring in Commercial Graphic Arts. She has been a Sunday school teacher for many years as well as has traveled overseas to do different missions’ works in Grenada, El Salvador and Canada. Laura has been married for 12 years to Craig Aranda and has three children. She and her family attend the First UPC of Orange pastored by Rev. Gary Wheeler where they are leaders of the Committed Young Marrieds group and the Victorious Living Sunday School class teachers.

“I know human trafficking needs more attention. I didn’t think it was in America until I found out three years ago! Awareness has been growing over but there is still a ways to go. Some great people and organizations, such as EndItMovement and the A21 Campaign, are bringing attention to human trafficking,” Aranda said. “I would love to grow as a speaker and a voice for this movement across America.”

Aranda also wants readers especially females to realize they can stand together and fight this crisis. No one is too small or too young or too old to speak out against injustice.