College education is important

Published 11:40 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Editorial by Mary Ekene

To all of the graduates who have graduated from Lamar University in Orange and Beaumont congratulations!!! It is so wonderful to see people pursuing their goals and following through with their dreams. To all of those who have graduated I wish you the best and may God bless you all in all of your endeavors.

To all of the students who are graduating from high school, congratulations as well. In reference to WOCCISD, may all of you young bright men and women continue a future to go to college. It is my opinion to express this, but having a college education is very important. It opens doors for you in the working field. An experience in college is the best experience you could ever have.

I still remember when my father took me to Denton, TX at the age of 18 and I was nervous yet excited. It was going to be my first time away from home. The University of North Texas was one of my dad’s alma mater and he told me it was a good college. My parents wanted me to go to the University of Houston, but like every child, I WANTED THAT FREEDOM AWAY FROM HOME. I really enjoyed my college years. I learned a lot about people, myself and life just in general. They were by far the happiest days of my life and I say this to say that college is very important.

To my high school graduates, if you are unsure about going to college talk to people who have attended college. They will tell you their experiences and what lessons you will learn from going to college. I am currently going to pursue my PhD in Education so that should give you an idea that I am a nerd. I love higher education for the simple fact no one can take my education from me. Education is key in anything you do in life. Do not ever have anyone tell you you do not need college etc. Do it FOR YOU!!!! I went to college to further my self and I do not have any regrets. I will teach my girls that higher education is key and that it is a sure way to keep our youth motivated and grounded.

So again, to all of my high school and college graduates congratulations and God speed. May you all know the path of your dreams and fight to stay on your path. It will not be easy, but then nothing worth waiting for is. Stay positive, stay motivated, and stay focused!!!!!!