Why I’m Running for Congress in Texas District 36

Published 4:51 pm Monday, May 15, 2017

Editorial by Jon Powell

The future of our democracy is at risk. The most recent event – the firing of the FBI director after he requested additional resources to investigate Russian influence in the presidential campaign, is only the most recent incident that is fostering corruption of our governing values and principles, including:

  • The dismissal of the National Security Advisor, who apparently had inappropriate dealings with the Russians;
  • The President’s unwillingness to provide his tax returns that could resolve the question of his potential indebtedness to and involvement with the Russians;
  • The appointment of close family members to high level positions within the government and their use of implicit diplomatic connections in the pursuit of foreign investment opportunities by the Trump family organization;
  • The appointment of executive department leaders whose pre-appointment goals have been to disable the departmental functions and roll back established policies benefiting the people (Health, Environment, Interior, Labor, among others).

And our current Representative, Babin, together with his colleagues, has been complicit with and is enabling this destruction of our democracy.

It is time for us to end the undermining of our democracy, the system that has been the model of good governance for the entire world. We can do that by electing a new Congress, and this is why I have decided to run to represent Texas Congressional District 36.

The people of our District in southeast Texas need a Representative who will direct the resources of our country in a practical way and for the benefit of everyone and deal with the public honestly. The public benefits when:

  • Everyone has access to affordable health care.
  • We have a thriving public education system that prepares students for the challenges of the future.
  • We invest in infrastructure that creates opportunity and enhances protection from natural disaster.
  • We protect our air, water, and environment to create healthier living conditions.
  • We regard discrimination against any group as unacceptable and we treat everyone with dignity and respect, as we expect to be treated.

These investments in our future – for our kids and grandkids – not only help Texas’ 36th Congressional District, but the country as a whole.


Jon Powell can be reached at jon@jonpowellforcongress.us