Grateful for the pouring out of Love and Support

Published 5:04 pm Monday, May 15, 2017

Editorial by Terrie Salter

I would like to take time out to say “Thank you”.  I am so immensely grateful to my family, friends and loyal supporters who generously gave their time and effort to my campaign.  As you may know, there is a run-off between myself, (Terrie Salter, a native of Orange)  and Mike Smith, from Port Arthur, so voters will be returning to the polls on June 5 through the 13 for early voting and June 17th on Election Day.  Residents of District #3, we can do this together!

I am your choice.  I know being an effective councilwoman involves listening to constituents, translating their concerns into workable proposals, and building consensus to implement them. I cannot do this job without the involvement and openness of the people I want to represent.  As I started this journey I knew it was important for me to meet the people one on one and for them to meet me.  This was one of the best decisions I could have made because I had a chance for YOU to share with me your ideas, your concerns, and your aspirations, and I sincerely appreciate your willingness to discuss what really matters to you. I hope you entrusted me with the responsibility of speaking on your behalf as your representative.

I look forward to and hope that you continue to provide me with the ideas and feedback I need to do what needs to be done. I will not give up on you, so I ask that you don’t give up on me.  Please come out and support me again.  District #3 YOU have proven in the first race that I have a strong support system, so let’s do it again.       

I am ready for the position.  There is no doubt that our beautiful historical city of Orange is moving forward.  I know how important  communication is so I plan on being transparent in order to build a relationship between myself and the residents.  My desire is to attract more businesses, restore jobs and prosperity to Orange.   I will support steps that will maintain quality drinking water, provide summer jobs for the youth, bringing more entertainment for the family,  join forces to come up with innovative ways to  promote recycling efforts, reducing litter and beautifying the city and most of all “thinking outside the box” finding  ways to increase our revenue.  Simply I want to do what is best for District #3 and all of Orange collectively.  I will study, research, and learn all I can that will help me be the best councilwoman I can be for the people.  I will be that sponge  that takes in as much as I can, because it’s more to just having a title and sitting on the panel.  We have a saying here in Orange when a person is willing to put forth more than 100-percent then they must be putting in 112-percent, which I am willing to do for the people of District #3.  Looking at the history of Orange, my desire is to make it once again a place where people of all ages can count on a future.

Again I want to say to my supporters “Thank you” and I know that with your help I can do this,  but only with your support, with your vote.  I am asking you to please find the time, the heart to choose the person who truly cares about you.  .  I ask that you continue to tell friends about me and my efforts on bringing positive change to Orange.  I look forward to soon being District #3 representative.

I cannot  end this letter without congratulating Larry Spears, Tommy Wilson and Ruth Hancock,  on their win, for a job well done . To Veronica Woodle, Ms. Essie Belfield, Kianna Edward and Tricia Stroud, I commend you all on your hard work and  I want to encourage you all and wish you lots of luck on your next endeavor .  God bless each candidate and every family and friend who worked tirelessly supporting us all!

Vote Terrie Salter because I am THE CHANGE WE NEED THE VOICE WE DESERVE.    Mark your calendars:  Early voting begins June 5-13 and Election Day June 17, 2017.