Continuing to work for our city

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Editorial by Mary Ekene

I want to sincerely thank every one who supported, voted, and contributed to my campaign in this past election. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about what it is to run in a political campaign. I will use what I have experienced to fulfill what it is to continue to work in my city and be a positive role model for all. So again to all who supported me, thank you.

To all of the candidates who ran in both the city council and school board elections, congratulations. Congratulations to Ruth Hancock and Tommy Wilson for WOCCISD School Board. There will be a run off between Michael Spears and Terri Salter for the City Council District 3seat and that is to be until further notice. I wish both of these candidates the best during their continuous campaign. To Ms. Veronica Woodle, Ms. Esse Bellefield, Kianna Edwards- Brooks, and Tricia Stroud, may God continue to enrich and encourage you throughout your endeavors in your life. This was the first year that all candidates of the elections were African-Amercian. It was a historical moment in the City of Orange and I pray that more people will step up and want to be leaders in this great city.

Last but not least, I want to personally congratulate from the bottom of my heart Mr. Larry Spears on winning City Council At- Large Place 6 seat in Orange, TX. When I first went downtown to run for city council and returned to work, Mr. Spears came the next day to my job asked about me and made sure to introduce himself to me. He was nice, funny, and very inviting. If I needed any help with my campaign, he was always there to help. Although we were opponents, he never treated me with disrespect nor did he do anything to sabotage my campaign. I get emotional when I talk about him because it is hard to find and meet people who walk what they talk. He has proved to me to be a great friend, a leader and a genuine person with a big heart. He loves his city and I know he will continue to do an amazing job on the City Council. Mr. Spears may God richly bless you in everything you do and City Of Orange loves and respects you. You are indeed a great voice for our city.

Again, to all of the candidates great run and always remember positivity always prevails. It pays no one anything to be disrespectful, rude and inconsistent. Having negative energy never gets you anywhere, but having genuine love makes the world go round.