Frightening challenges require boldness

Published 6:54 pm Saturday, May 6, 2017

Editorial by Bobby Tingle


Chris Kovatch writes a weekly column published in The Orange Leader each Wednesday. Kovatch writes his column from his experience as Daddy. He and his wife are proud parents of, I believe, six children. He often cites unique challenges they face as they wade through life providing for the welfare of their children and themselves. His column published this week illustrates how facing fears can often reap rewards.

As parents of adopted children, Kovatch wrote of questions they face as his children grow and mature. He wrote of decisions they have made about how much information to share and the challenge in helping his children understand. He wrote about the risk as he sought to connect with his children’s extended family.

His story this week had a happy ending.

Their unique challenges stem from their specific circumstances. Facing the fears of those circumstances is inevitable. But the fear is real. Sometimes the stakes are high. The outcomes that result from our actions can bring unintended consequences. Some consequences can be anticipated. Some never occurred to us until they are realized.

I believe his family is in some ways very much like all other families. His family is unique, because all families are unique, because every person in every family is unique. They are no two people alike and each respond uniquely to similar circumstances.

But in spite of this diversity, all families have something in common. Difficult challenges that require boldness and risk must be faced.

Communities are like that. Orange is unique. We have a unique set of individuals and tangible resources.

Two individuals leading our community toward prosperity were highlighted in a special report published by The Orange Leader one week ago. The report, Profiles, Prosperity in Orange, highlighted individuals, organizations and businesses moving Orange and Orange County forward.

Jay Trahan, Director of Economic Development for the city of Orange, leads economic development efforts of our city and Jessica Hill, Executive Director Economic Development Corporation for Orange County, leads a similar effort for Orange County.

Each face unique challenges as they strive toward their goal.

Hill cites willing participation of Orange County residents to support and engage her effort to develop our economic base. She believes residents are ‘compassionate, loyal and hardworking which is beneficial for growth and development.’

Trahan is encouraged by an increase in site visits. A site visit occurs when a company has researched potential locations and is interested in a personal visit to augment their research. Often interested parties do not reveal their identity or require a non-disclosure agreement prior to their site visit.

Trahan and Hill coordinate their efforts since inquirers seek comparable information when researching a location within the city or in the county.

Trahan sees signs of prosperity along 16th Street, on the Lamar State College – Orange campus and the $68 million Texas Department of Transportation Interstate 10 improvement project.

Hill likens the work or economic development to a race. She specifically mentioned her experience as a long-distance runner. Running to win requires speed, but is also requires endurance and patience.

The frightening aspect of any challenge is the risk of failure. I suspect Trahan and Hill will follow Kovatch’s lead and proceed boldly.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at