Cleaning the streets in Orange

Published 10:50 am Monday, May 1, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


While Orange Code Enforcer Officer has not seen a change in the reports of litter or trash in recent weeks, one organization is going to spend Saturday cleaning the streets.

No Trash Neighborhood, as the event is being promoted as, will met at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 6, at the corner of 10th Street and Burton Ave. in Orange.

“Everyone is invited to join us,” Jason Platt of #MakeItHappen said. “Bring your kids to give them this experience.”

The original Adopt-a-Highway program began right here in Texas in 1985. Since then, it’s grown into a nationally and internationally recognized litter-prevention effort, saving taxpayers’ dollars and keeping our rights of way clean.

Adopt-a-Highway currently has more than 3,800 participating groups across the state, and we salute those thousands of individuals who dedicate their time to actively make a difference and keep Texas beautiful, according to the Texas Department of Transportation website.

In Orange, there are 14 streets adopted by local organizations such as Golden K Kiwanis Club of Orange which adopted 10th Street from Polk Avenue to Western Avenue, 28th Street from Sunset Drive to Park Avenue and Main Street from 16th Street to South Street.

Gate City Guild #42 and Gate City Commandery is also a part of the Adopt-A-Street Program. The guild adopted part of 2nd Street from John Ave. to Farragut Avenue and part of 3rd Street from John Ave. to Farragut Ave., in May 2015.

Recently, Community Christian School and Community Church teamed up to adopt a street in Orange to beautify by mowing the lawns of residents and working in their flower beds.

John Backer, resident of Orange, recently wrote a letter to the City Council asking for more to be done concerning the trash   and refuse in the area.

After receiving a response from one council member, he wrote a second letter.

“Our tax dollars were used along with time and equipment to pick up trash that had been piled up on the south side of the alley between Orange and Cherry,” Backer wrote. “It looks as though the tenants have observed the warning they were given about dumping trash where it states “No Dumping” and now they have moved their new location to the curb on the North side of the alley.”

Backer said he is not going away.

“I have heard all the talk I can withstand about Economic Development, growing our City of Orange, and we are here to represent what is best for Orange,” Backer wrote. “You have the power to make changes and those changes will not take place with spoken words.  Please implement your words and start by making the City of Orange a place where people will want to move or at the least leave them with the impression that our City is cared for!”

According to city ordinance Sec. 6.202 – Prohibited Conditions states: It shall be unlawful and it is hereby declared to be a public nuisance for any person, including the owners, agents, occupants, or representatives of any nonresident owner of any real property to permit any of the following upon such property for any period of four (4) consecutive days or longer:


Trash to accumulate;


Filth, carrion or other impure or unwholesome matter of any kind;


Rubbish or any other objectionable, unsightly or unsanitary matter of whatsoever nature:


Weeds, grass or brush to grow to a height of more than twelve (12) inches from the surface of the ground on said property or on that portion of the easements, rights-of-way or alleys which abut such property and lay between the centerline of any such easement, right-of-way, or alley and the property line of such property.

(1982 Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7, Section 6B)

For anyone interested in the Adopt A Street program in Orange, contact Director of Planning and Community Development Kelvin Knauf at 988-7397