Stround seeks School Board seat

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My name is Tricia Stroud, I was born and raised in Orange, Texas.  I own a local photography business in Orange. I am a 1996 graduate of West Orange- Stark High School.  I have been married to my husband Chad Stroud for 16 years and he is also a WOS graduate. We have sent both of our daughter’s to WOS.  The oldest is a graduate of WOS and a current student at Texas A&M University and the youngest is a student at the elementary campus.  I have a love for this district that began at an early age.  As a student at West Orange- Stark I was very involved in various organizations including cheerleading, sports, choir, and other activities.  My involvement in these activities increased my passion for the district over the years.

My decision to run for the school board was made after careful consideration.  I have spent the last few years working as a substitute in various places for WOCCISD.  Working in this capacity has given me many opportunities to see things from a different view.  My goal for our district is to increase communication across the board.  I feel that communication is the foundation to all success. As a parent in the district I have experienced many areas where communication can be improved.  I believe that evolution in the way we communicate will have positive influences on parent and teacher relationships and also administrator and teacher relationships.  Aside from communication I am passionate about reading and comprehension. Reading is a fundamental subject and it is the foundation for all subjects. Our children need to be able to exceed expectations in reading. A successful education begins with reading.  I am dedicated to helping our students and district in this area in any capacity needed. I believe that when children are succeeding and building their confidence in their education that they will continue to desire a level of success that will naturally take them to the next level of education.

The district has a responsibility to provide the best education possible to the students of West Orange- Stark.  I believe this can be done with proper communication and setting expectations for current and future staff members that align with the communication goals.  We need everyone on one accord and working towards the same goals to increase communication, excel in reading, and formulate a plan to drive our students to the next level of education.

I am passionate about our students, education, staff, and the ability to communicate with others.  I am asking for your vote and support for the election. I want the opportunity to bring my ideas and work ethic to the district.  I will continue to be a dedicated volunteer and involved parent even if the votes do not fall in my favor.  The community has a challenge in this election. You have been given four worthy candidates and the opportunity to only elect two of them. If you choose to elect me I will serve our district to the best of my ability.

Tricia Ann Stroud