Beautiful Little Campus Downtown

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Editorial by Chris Kovatch

When I attend our general membership meeting for the Lions Club, I normally hear about the work our club is doing and what projects are coming up. The carnival is always a regular topic of discussion in our club that intensifies the closer we get to September. Generally we also have a guest speaker that shares information with our members on a number of different topics. Last night’s program was honestly one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure to hear.

In the ever-quotable words of Butch Campbell, our city is blessed with the “Beautiful Little Campus Downtown”. I had the pleasure of completing the vast majority of the studies required for my Bachelors Degree at LSC-O. In fact, I had so many hours that when I moved to Lamar Beaumont and graduated, I was qualified to graduate with Honors, but didn’t have enough hours at the Beaumont campus to do so. Honestly I wasn’t upset about that because I knew the instruction I received and the experiences I had in Orange were far more valuable than words on my diploma.

When you hear staff members at LSC-O speak about the college it is quite evident the passion that exists for education and the desire to share it with everyone. Suzonne Crockett is one such staff member.

Mrs. Crockett shared with our club the need to develop a love for learning early on in children. This focus will aid the child in later years as they progress through school and hopefully help them step into their college career and become a successful adult. This focus has aided in the rebirth of the Kids 2 College program at LSC-O. This program is open to children ages 9 to 14. The 4 day summer camp presents instruction to children in a wide array of areas including math, dance, and poetry to highlight a few. What is innovative about this program is the focus of instilling the basic foundations of each area of study but through creative presentations.

I think back to when I was this age and I had the pleasure of attending Lamar Challenge for a number of summers. The premise was the same and my experience there was amazing. Not only did I get to expand my knowledge, but I also made friends there that I am still in contact with today. This program definitely aided me in my desire to perform in school and begin my college studies. A self-proclaimed overachiever to the core, I knew that college wasn’t a choice for me, but more of a requirement. I so value that love for knowledge that many teachers over the years instilled in me.

I know at the time, I am sure I said I will never use Algebra when I grow up, but not only do I find myself analyzing financials for customers, I am also luckily enough to attempt to teach it to my children. Though I must confess math instruction has changed a lot from when I was in school. I don’t recall having to draw out pictures to answer a problem. Who knew there were so many different ways to calculate 2+2 to equal 4? I am probably not a favorite of my kids’ teachers as I am not quick to adjust to new methods. I tend to instruct as I learned it. (Thanks Mrs. Leyendecker at St. Mary’s School for ensuring I could help with my children’s homework. My wife appreciates it!)

It’s amazing how education and those who share it shape us without us even realizing what is happening. Parents, Grandparents, and everyone in between: Please consider checking out the Kids 2 College program for the children in your life. The value is so much more than them having a summer activity. Its effects will be far reaching and could help them pursue a career that hadn’t even considered up to this point. The program runs June 12th-15th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at LSC-O. Additional information can be obtained by calling 409-882-3053.

I know I will be signing Jackson and Rosie up for this program and I know it will help them in their future. Not only do I want them to be successful, I know that they will be the ones taking care of me!