Smith seeks council seat

Published 7:46 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I am Michael Smith, a 42 year old local businessman, that has resided in the city of Orange for over 10 years. I am asking for your support and vote to represent the city as the City of Orange, City Council member for seat #3. I am married to Anna, who is a wonderful wife and mother. I have four talented sons, Ahmad (Senior in college at Henderson State University), Rylan (Freshman in college at Texas State University), Cameron, and Julian (both freshman in high school). We attend Community Church Orange, and participate in various city outreaches, mission work, and volunteer activities. I was a volunteer football and basketball coach for Community Christian school. I also coached little dribblers for 3 years. I have a passion for not only the young people, but the elderly also. I implemented a program at Sholar’s Pharmacy that educated seniors in local assisted living facilities on their medication, and the possible risks. I also started a program that provided free medication to low income families. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin and Served in the Army National Guard From 1991-1997. I earned General Motors Mark of Excellence 9 consecutive years. During this time, I was able to create jobs and help my employees reach their full potential. In early 2016 I was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Orange.

As your City Council representative, I want to focus on Business Development, and creating jobs in our city. As city leaders, we must reach out to private sector firms, investors, and industries that are willing to come to Orange. We need to offer businesses some type of incentives to come to Orange. We need to showcase a clean, safe, family friendly city that would be appealing for new businesses. The city of Orange and its citizens would also benefit from a recycling program. I would also like to make sure our citizens are better qualified and understand how to pursue employment. I will encourage seminars to educate people on getting, and retaining jobs. This could include showing people how to build a resume, how to prepare for an interview, as well as follow up, and how to network. Also, I would encourage job fairs in the city. This will help our citizens get on the spot interviews, meet company representatives that they would not normally meet, and give them a better opportunity to get a job. As city leaders we have to get involved and make sure that we can get as many industries to attend as possible.

Law enforcement, crime, and our youth are things I feel strongly about. I think we need to show support to our Police Officers. It is important as city leaders, that we make sure we have enough trained and qualified Police Officers. We must make sure they are equipped with up to date equipment and vehicles. I would also bring awareness to citizens for starting more are neighborhood watch programs. I think this is something the police can get involved with, by holding classes to teach the correct ways to start and run a successful neighborhood watch program. I want to push for the police to be visible in the community and even stopping to talk to citizens. This will build rapport between the Police and people in the communities. We have to set up after school programs for our youth. Mentoring and leadership programs are keys to the success of our future leaders. We need to establish a City of Orange recreation center. This will give our youth something fun to do. The more they are involved in, the less time for unwanted activities. Let’s come together and take the City of Orange to the next level. Vote Michael Smith for Orange City Council District #3.