‘Trashy ladies’ to speak to council regarding cleaning up city

Published 8:48 am Monday, April 10, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Sandra Cash and Sandra Hoke jokingly call themselves the ‘Trashy Ladies’ for their passion for cleaning up Orange and encouraging others to recycle.

“During the Community Trash Off, they collected 3,500 pounds of scrap metal, 30 tires and three 40 cubic yards dumpsters of trash,” Hoke said. “That is just the tip of the iceberg. There is trash in the gullies that we cannot reach.”

Cash and Hoke hope to find more support for a cleaner Orange.

“We have ben picking up trash for 40 plus years between the two of us,” Cash said. “There is trash every day in a half city block in the Historic District. The amount varies, but it is there every day.”

Cash and Hoke will pick up litter they come across each day as they walk.

“I have been a part of Keep Orange County Beautiful since its inception,” Cash said. “It is suppose to be about cleaning the trash and trees. However, we cannot get to the trees due to the amount of trash.”

Trash along the major corridors of Orange is discouraging to people and businesses considering locating in Orange according to the women.

“It may not seem as pressing, but we see it as part of the solution,” Hoke said. “Don’t throw the Styrofoam container out the window. Keep it in the car and throw it away at home.”

“Love the place you live,” Cash said.

The women plan to speak to the city council voicing their concerns at the 9 a.m. Tuesday meeting.

They both said they hope others who feel the same way will attend and show support.

“The county offers recycling on 1442,” Hoke said. “They do not accept glass there but Target has a bin for glass. There is also a place at 4th and Cedar in Beaumont that is open everyday that recycles.”