OF 7th boys track takes Cleveland Meet

Published 1:11 pm Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Orangefield Junior High boys track teams competed at Cleveland on Monday night.The 7th grade boys brought home the 1st place trophy for the third meet in a row scoring 221 total points. The 8th grade boys finished in 3rd place, scoring 110 total points.


7th Grade

Long Jump                   Triple Jump                  High Jump                   Polevault

2nd= Hunter Ashworth     1st= Evan Spears           2nd= Evan Spears          2nd= Dwight Davis

5th= Raven Dean           6th= Dwight Davis          3rd= Hunter Ashworth


Shot Put                       Discus                          2400m Run                   1600m Run

2nd= Coby Coulter          2nd= Coby Coulter          1st = Payton Wrinkle       1st = Paul Hernandez

4th= Danny Smith           3rd= Dylan Whitman       2nd = Paul Hernandez      2nd = Payton Wrinkle

5th= Dylan Whitman       5th= Diego Reyes           3rd = Conner Griffin        4th = Conner Griffin

                                                            100m Dash                    200m Dash                    400m Dash                        800m Run

4th= Raven Dean           1st = Raven Dean          1st= Jose Ramos                       3rd = Bryce Moore

2nd= Hunter Ashworth     4th= Dwight Davis          6th = Kevin Luong                                                                                               6th= Kevin Luong


110m Hurdles               300m Hurdles                                      

3rd = Bryer Gray                        1st= Evan Spears

6th= Dwight Davis          6th= Preston Brister


4x100m Relay (2nd Place)          4x200m Relay (2nd Place)          4x400m Relay (4th Place)

Evan Spears                              Evan Spears                              Kevin Luong

Hunter Ashworth                         Hunter Ashworth                         Jose Ramos

Austin Gordon                            Austin Gordon                            Bryce Moore

Raven Dean                              Trent Guidry                               Dwight Davis




8th Grade

Long Jump                   High Jump                   Shot Put                       Discus

6th= Matthew Engle         3rd= Daylyn Loft                        6th= Clayton Westbrook  5th= Daylyn Loft


2400m Run                   1600M Run                   100m Dash                    200m Dash                                1st = Jeremy Hernandez  1st= Jeremy Hernandez   4th = Clayton Westbrook         1st= Dakota Williford

3rd= Tyler Ohman           3rd= Trever Jenkins

5th = Blake Webb                       4th= Blake Webb


400m Dash                    800m Run                     110m Hurdles

6th= Daniel Durbin          3rd= Trever Jenkins        4th= Garrison Hughes

                                    6th= Diego Baca


4x100m Relay (2nd Place)          4x200m Relay (2nd Place)          4x400m Relay (3rd Place)          

Garrison Hughes                         Garrison Hughes                         Daniel Durbin

Matthew Engle                            Matthew Engle                            Dakota WIlliford

Clayton Westbrook                     Avery Boyett                             Avery Boyett

Dakota Williford                          Dakota Williford                          Matthew Engle