Southeast Texans send postcards to White House

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Special to The Leader

 VIDOR — South East Texans met at the Raymond Gould Center in Vidor on Wednesday to fill out protest postcards that are being sent to the White House.

Group Leader, Marsi Ackerman commented, “I say this was a success. Over 150 postcards written. And … plenty of stamps.”

South East Texans from all walks of life showed up at the community center to lodge their protest on items from LGBT rights to preserving vital social services on post cards. The event was hosted by South East Texas Progressives, Golden Triangle Indivisible and the Orange County Democratic Party.

“Most seniors rely on Medicare to decide when they can afford to retire,” John Baker of Bridge City stated, “without it you will see less people retiring keeping younger people from advancing.”

When asked, Sue Little of Vidor added, “I am here because Trump and the Republicans in Congress need to know that they cannot take away my Union benefits.”

Southeast Texas Progressives was started as a small social group on Facebook according to Ackerman. “Since Trump was elected we went from a few members to over 400 and growing daily.”

Asked about the goals of the group, former Congressional Democratic Candidate Michael Cole said “We are here to provide a voice to the ignored and forgotten progressives in the area. We are letting the real silent majority, those who are intimidated by conservatives into staying quiet. We believe in and love our country, and want to present a group where we can harness that forgotten voice into a voice for change.”

Michael Patronella added, “It is easy to be part of the change, just look up South East Texas Progressives on Facebook, we are an inclusive group that welcomes all progressive voices despite party affiliation.”

The groups are planning more events and eventually plans to back progressive minded candidates in upcoming elections.

Orange County Democratic Chairwoman Deborah Mitchell added, “We will not hide from Trump and his message of hate and divisiveness, we will stand up for what is right and what is the true spirit of America.”