Health Scores

Published 7:37 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017

From staff reports

  • Star Stop #5

1104 Burton Avenue in Orange.

Score: 84

Demerits include expired foods on shelves, mold on drink dispensers and Slushi machines, no hot water inside the restroom, towels needed inside employee restroom, drinks stored on floor, bed in upstairs rooms needs to be removed, first aid kit required.

  • Noah’s Seafood Kitchen

950 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 83

Demerits include defrosting raw fish inside compartment sink, just delivered foods being left outside, no hot water or paper towels inside employee restroom, damaged ceiling tiles, area around wok, floors and walls need to be cleaned, no first aid kit.

  • Walgreen’s #10139

1305 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 96

Demerits include expired foods on shelved, current health inspection report not posted.


The following locations had 0 violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • Bright Horizon Learning Center

5830 North Main Street in Vidor.

  • Little Cypress High School

7665 North Highway 87 in Orange.

  • Building Blocks Academy

467 Moore Drive in Vidor.

  • Oak Forest Elementary

2400 Hwy 12 in Vidor.

  • Vidor Elementary School

400 East Railroad in Vidor.

  • The Jumping Bean

7174 North Hwy. 87 in Little Cypress.

  • Tekoa Academy

1408 West Park Avenue in Orange.

  • Bridge City High School

2690 Texas Avenue Bridge City.

  • Subway #12477

3736 North 16th Street in Orange.


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:

  • Trinity Baptist Church

2850 Hwy. 12 in Vidor

  • Rocks Spot BBQ

2530 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.