Fierce competition is good, mayhem is not

Published 8:34 am Saturday, February 11, 2017

A high school basketball game was prematurely ended Tuesday night. The high school players and some of those attending prompted the abrupt conclusion. They decided to throw punches instead of shooting baskets or cheering for their team.

According to league, rules if a player leaves the bench and engages in a fight then he is ineligible to play the rest of the game. During this brawl, all players from both teams joined the melee. With all players from both teams disqualified, the game had to be cancelled.

Evidence from video posted on social media indicates more than just players entered in the fight. An eyewitness claims more than one fight broke out. One can only assume those fights included adults.

Nothing good can come from this sort of behavior. Hopefully, those who are guilty beyond any doubt will be severely punished. Actions should have consequences.

Athletes should work hard, play by the rules, keep their head in the game, prepare mentally and play to win. If you win, you get the icing on the cake. If you lose, then you get up and try again. But if you create mayhem, then you should not be allowed to participate. You must be willing to compete, within the boundary of the rules, if you want the privilege of participating.

Fierce competition is very good for high school athletes. Competitors who are willing to enter the arena prepared, motivated and willing to play hard should be encouraged. As a community, we should ensure they have that opportunity. We do so by providing an orderly and predictable environment.

Enforcing the rules, reforming the rule breakers and eliminating the incorrigible is the only way.