LC-M, OF, WO-S lifters farewell in H-F

Published 10:51 am Friday, February 3, 2017

FANNETT — On Thursday Feb. 2 the Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Orangefield and West Orange-Stark Powerlifting teams competed in the Hamshire-Fannett Invitational Meet and came away with excellent results with the LC-M boys claiming first-place overall.

In the Boys division for LC-M senior, Jeremiah Armstrong squatted an impressive 720 pounds in the super heavy weight class, with a combined total of 1,675 pounds for the event.

Other LC-M boys team members who placed were Hunter Angelo – First with a total of 1,120 in the 148 Class, Colt LeBleu – First with 1,375 in the 275 Class, Victor Davila – Second with 1,155 in the 181 Class, Lucas Russell – Second with 1,110 in the 220 Class, Grant Lacour – Second with 1,230 in the 275 Class, Ethan McKay – Third with 1,065 in the 181 Class, Trent Brown – Third with 1,080 in the 220 Class, Brett Keele – Fifth with 765 in the 148 Class and Malik Griffin – Sixth with 950 in the 220 Class.

For the WO-S boys Keyshawn Holman was first in the 181-pound class with 1,310 total pounds and Paul Ivory was first in the 220-pound class with 1,120 pounds.

In the Boy’s division, for Orangefield finishing second were Gavin Jackson in the 114-pound class and Aaron Galitz in the SHW division. Jacob Guillot (148), Christian Louvier (165), and Luke Padilla (SHW) finished third.

In the Girls division for LC-M included Ceideah Walker – First lifting 330 lbs. in the 105 Weight Class, Kelsey Dyson – First with 650 pounds in the 259 Class, Breanna Dyson – First with 690 in the 259 plus Class, Sarah Bates – Second with 415 in the 181 Class, Alexis Trichell – Third with 440 in the 132 Class, Sydney McGraw – Fourth with 295 in the 181 Class, Alexa Williams – Fifth with 430 in the 148 Class, Sh’Kayla Rogers – Fifth with in the 165 Class and Anna Broussard – Tenth with 355 in the 165 Class.

In the Girl’s division, for Orangefield, finishing first was Madison Taylor in the 132-pound class. Second-place finishers were Linh Tsan in the 114-pound class and Bailey Cady in the 198-pound class. Erica Phillips (114) and Julia Droll (165) finished third.

For the WO-S girls E’Lazian Nickerson was first in the 148-pound class with 595 pounds. Kennedy Queen took second in the 148-pound class with 545 pounds and Jachyria Locks was second in the 165-pound class with 625 pounds.

Both teams compete next week in the Little Cypress-Mauriceville Meet.