Parent advice comes from everywhere

Published 7:39 am Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Editorial by Chris Kovatch

Parenting advice. It can come at us from every direction. Most of it is share with the best of intentions. The challenge that I struggle with is most of it comes from people whose children are no longer children. Instagram. Minecraft. These are new forces in the world of parenting. My rationale for even trying to share my challenges in the role of ‘Dad’ is that hopefully they may help one person help their child cope with life in today’s world.

Over the years I have shared the comical and cringe-worthy stories that I have encountered in my role of Daddy with many people. Make no mistake-I love being a dad. Actually, when I was growing up and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I really didn’t know what profession I would pursue (side note: I still don’t). I did know that I wanted to be a dad. I knew all the things I would and wouldn’t do for my kids. I knew I would be so much better than my parents were. I know I would be ‘that’ awesome dad. Have my viewpoints changed? That would be an understatement. I have learned that this parenting thing is not something you ever really get. We manage. We learn on the fly. We do the best we can and hope we don’t mess our kids up too much.

One thing that totally floored me though was the effect my kids have had on me. It is amazing how much they have shaped me into who I am as a dad; whether this is through observing them or them flat out telling me I was messing up. Each of my kids have very unique traits that make them who they are. The point of this column is to give you a comical look into my family’s life and hopefully you can pick up some nuggets of truth along the way.

I guess the best way to get going is to introduce you to my family. I have 7 kids. It’s okay if your jaw hit the floor. Let me explain. I have been blessed (yeah…that’s the right word) with three little angels. Jackson, Rosie and Thayer. They are so different it is hard to believe they are related. I have also had the honor and privilege of fostering two sets of siblings. Our first placement as a foster family was Annabell and Daniel. We were blessed to be a part of their lives for five months. After they returned home, Summer and Stryker entered our lives and things haven’t been the same since. Being a foster parent is one of my greatest accomplishments, but also one of the hardest things I have ever done.

So, let’s get this ball rolling. In the coming weeks, sit back and prepare to laugh, cry, and wonder if all these stories are true. They are.