WO Council has concerns of a hospital district

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, January 18, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


West Orange City Council approved a resolution for Legislation to form a hospital district in Orange County at the Monday evening meeting but not all are in full support.

“I do not object to the building of a hospital,” Councilman Dale Dardeau said. “I am concerned if it happens again. I wish there was more of a possibility it would succeed.”

Baptist Hospital announced the closing of the emergency room services in January just two years after ceasing the inpatient services.

Councilman Carl Thibodeaux said this was something the county had looked at 10-12 years ago. Thibodeaux was County Judge at the time of the discussions.

“Private investors did not want to come here,” Thibodeaux said. “We had a county hospital and sold it. Truth is people in Bridge City goes to MidCounty and those on the west end of the county and in Vidor, go to Beaumont. I am not for raising taxes, but this is a good investment to the county. One year of taxes would be less than one month we pay for television. It is like buying health insurance for the county.”

Frances Droddy-Lopez expressed concern for the need for specialists.

“The hospital will have two operating rooms but no doctors,” Droddy-Lopez said.

Dardeau also said he was concerned on the possibility of more taxes.

“We already have a hospital here,” Dardeau said. “Why do we need another one?”

the council also proclaimed January 28, 2017 as WOS Mustang Day in the city of West Orange for the Mustangs winning their second consecutive State 4A Division II football title.