Low blood supply remains a concern

Published 1:22 pm Saturday, January 14, 2017

Special to The Leader

LifeShare Blood Centers reports the blood supply has hit a low level now at less than two days. Anyone who may be eligible to donate blood is encouraged to go to a donation center or blood drive.

“Right now, we are in a situation where if more people in our community do not come forward to donate blood someone may suffer because it simply won’t be available for a life-saving treatment,” says Tina Hooper, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications for LifeShare Blood Centers.

Low numbers of blood donors during the holiday weeks and some inclement weather in the region have contributed to the low blood supply. Approximately 500 blood donors are needed every week to support patient needs in the Beaumont area alone. Donated blood is often used as part of a life-saving treatment for trauma victims, patients with blood disorders, those undergoing cancer treatments, experiencing complications during childbirth, and many more situations.

“When there is a low blood supply everyone in the community should be concerned. You never know who the next person to need blood will be. In a situation like this, unexpected events like car accidents or increased blood needs during surgery could quickly deplete the supply of a particular type,” Hooper said.

LifeShare Blood Centers continues to encourage everyone to donate blood at this time as all blood types and first-time blood donors are needed. Blood centers and blood drive locations and times may be found on their web site at www.lifeshare.org.