TrumPutin: jobs, security, and buyer’s remorse

Published 11:59 am Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Editorial by Tom H. Hastings


Donald Trump is bringing jobs back!

Well, OK, he is saving jobs!

Um, well, he only lost 1,200 jobs, when 2,000 were threatened.

So much better than Obama!

Well, OK, under that loser Obama, we added about180,000 jobs every month despite his inheriting a Bush/Cheney economy that was losing–yes losing–jobs every month. That tyrant Barack Obama oversaw the imposition of regulations that helped make our air more breathable, our water more drinkable, and our food healthier. Oppressive!

So Carrier is only sending 1200 jobs to Mexico, thanks to a multi-million-dollar bribe from the state of Indiana, Trump’s vice-president’s state. Nice, Mr. Pence. You only lost 1200 jobs and you can credit Donald Trump.

With job creators like this, who needs losers?

At least with the latest round of cabinet picks, we can be certain that we will see creation of many more jobs–in Russia, with Tillerson running State Department. Which State Department does Trump think Tyrannosaurus Rex leading–perhaps the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The old 60s action program Man from UNCLE seemed to foresee the TrumPutin CHAOS team. We will see climate chaos increase, public education funding plummet, job markets flip and crash–Obama inherited a worsening 7.6 percent unemployment rate and is handing off an improving 4.6 percent rate. The only good-paying jobs Trump ever created were the lawyers fighting to stop him from reneging, cheating, and scamming.

If we thought Brits experienced buyers’ remorse after voting Brexit, just wait until the Trump voters wake up to bad air, poison food, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, and the giant sucking sound of their jobs leaving for Russia.

The Trump cabinet is defining itself as a military junta with predatory extractive capitalist cronies and climate change deniers a sort of General Goldman Sachs composite. This spells disaster for the very Americans who voted for Trump (who lost the popular vote by more than any electoral college winner in US history, and whose opponent, got more actual votes than any candidate for US president in US history–Donald! A mandate is more than you embracing Vlad!) The descent is underway.


Dr. Tom H. Hastings is PeaceVoice Director.