Health Scores

Published 9:12 am Monday, December 12, 2016

From Staff Reports


  • The Donut Place

5320 North Hwy. 105 in Vidor.

Score: 93

Demerits include sausage/boudin found at unsafe temperatures. No record of time found on holding sausage/boudin out at room temperatures. Using same pan liner multiple times to bake kolaches.


  • Wendy’s #50

3113 Edgar Brown Drive in Orange.

Score: 98

Demerits include several flies found throughout, vent-a-hood needs to be cleaned of old grease.


  • Subway #4151

300 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score: 98

Demerits include dead insects found in most of light shields. Walls near ice machine need to be cleaned of old dust.


The following locations had 0 violations and received a perfect score of 100:


  • West Orange Middle School

500 North 13th Street in Orange.


  • The Brown Estate

4205 Park Avenue in Orange.


  • St. Mary’s School

2600 Bob Hall Road in Orange.


  • West Orange High School

1400 Newton Street in Orange.


  • Subway #62184

1545 North Main Street in Vidor.


  • Community Church School

3400 North Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Orange.


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:


  • Early Learning Childcare

2395 Hwy. 12 in Vidor.


  • Burger King #110

605 North Main Street in Vidor.


  • Pizza Hut #2729

1152 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.


  • Pine Forest Fuel

4255 North Main Street in Vidor.