Orangefield sewer experiencing difficulties due to weather

Published 5:22 pm Monday, December 5, 2016

PRESS RELEASE — Orangefield has received several inches of rain since Friday.  We have six (6) vacuum stations serving different areas.  All weekend we have had several outages at four (4) of the stations.  These outages are caused by excessive storm water infiltration because of defective cleanouts or broken air vents (candy canes).  When a vacuum line is full of water the system shuts down.  When you can not flush once, please do try to flush again, it will only overflow  commode.  We were able to return to normal service at different times Saturday and Sunday.  Some took several hours of pumping water, others less.  the customers furtherest from stations are the last to recover.  At 4:30 pm Sunday only one station was not completely in service.  At 2 am Monday morning all systems were up and running.  As the rain started again Monday morning we began to loose some stations.  At this time we are able to return service to some customers at all stations, but complete service might be later tonight or early morning.  All employees have worked several hours since Friday with very little time off.  We will continue to work until all service is up.  The system takes time to recover and we are doing the best we can.  If you know of any water draining into our lines in your yards or a vent (candy canes) is broken, please let our office know.  If you cannot flush because the lines are full, please run some water in a bath tub, about 2 inches, (not sinks).  When water is drained out of tub, you should be able to flush.  If you have a floor drain, do not run any water in bath tub. Please call 409-670-2473 or 361-220-0738 for any problems.