Health Scores

Published 11:28 pm Friday, December 2, 2016

From Staff Reports


  • Little Caesar’s Pizza

2421 16th Street in Orange.

Score 98

Demerits include, oven, air vents, ceiling tiles, floors and bottoms of baking pans need to be cleaned.


  • Popeye’s Chicken #4763

952 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score 95

Demerits include ceiling tiles stored improperly on back storage shelves, several gnats found, floors need to be cleaned, missing and damaged floor baseboards found, damaged ceiling tiles.


  • Homsi’s #3

7247 East Interstate 10 in Orange.

Score 79

Demerits include, boudin found at unsafe temperatures, mold found inside ice machine, chemicals and buckets of paint stored improperly, faucets dripping water, hair restraints needed for employees, drinks without lids, defrosting fish on counter, vent-a-hood, inside walk-in cooler, storage shelved, floors and air vents need cleaning.


  • Lakeview Grocery

915 Highway 1131 in Vidor.

Score 81

Demerits include, bait shrimp stored with foods inside freezer, mold/slime inside ice machine, chemicals stored above plastic utensils and paper goods, no hot water at hand sink or restroom sink, no front hand sink found, glass door to warmer missing, employee smoking at food prep area.


  • Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant

1085 Texas Avenue, Bridge City.

Score 87

Demerits include, fajita beef and chicken found at unsafe temperatures, faucet at compartment sink dripping at base, hot water issues, mice feces found in back storage buildings, storage shelves and containers throughout need to be cleaned.


  • Subway #7114

1090 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.

Score 97

Demerits include, paper towels needed at front hand washing station, floors behind

equipment and around baseboards need to be cleaned.



  • The Falls Grocery Meats

1914 South Main Street in Vidor.

Score 77

Demerits include, dented cans, mold on slushi machine, spray bottle of chemical being stored inside cooler., floor drain inside walk-in cooler clogged, wood table tops being used, cell phone on prep table, floors throughout need to be cleaned, back storage rooms need cleaning and organized.


  • Domino’s Pizza

970 North Main Street in Vidor.

Score 98

Demerits include, oven needs to be cleaned, floors need to be cleaned, missing and damaged floors tiles need replacing, several sections of walls throughout need to be repaired.


The following locations had 0 violations and received a perfect score of 100:

  • Little Cypress High School

7565 North Highway 87 in Orange.


  • Little Cypress Elementary

5725 Meeks Drive in Orange.


  • Vidor High School

300 Orange Street in Vidor.


  • Oak Forest Elementary

2400 Highway 12 in Vidor.


  • Bridge City Intermediate

1029 West Roundbunch Road in Bridge City.


  • Bridge City High School

2690 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.


  • Pine Forest Elementary

4150 North Main Street in Vidor.


  • Vidor Middle School

2500 Highway 12 in Vidor.


  • Orangefield Elementary

1028 Farm to Market Road 105 in Orangefield.


  • Orangefield High School

10058 Farm to Market Road 105 in Orangefield.


  • Mauriceville Elementary

20040 Highway 1130 in Mauriceville.



  • Mauriceville Middle School

19952 Farm to Market Road 1130 in Mauriceville.


  • Little Cypress Jr. High

6765 Farm to Market Road 1130 in Orange.


  • New York Pizza and Pasta

18635 Interstate 10 in Vidor.


The following locations passed pre-opening inspections:


  • Pine Forest Fuel

4255 North Main Street in Vidor.