Orange Board of Realtors donates $35k for scholarship fund

Published 9:14 am Saturday, November 5, 2016

By Karen Stevens

Special to The Leader

The Orange Board of Realtors had the pleasure of presenting a check for $35,000 to Lamar State College Orange perpetual scholarship fund. If you are not aware, the Realtors of Orange started a Board in 1956. A handful of those Realtors that started the Board are still around, selling real estate today.

Over the years the Orange Board of Realtors has done great things for the Community. Just to name a few, they have raised funds to give out individual scholarships to our local students, participated in the “Clean Up” program in Orange County, helped with the Lions Carnival, raised funds to assist in passing legislation to keep real estate taxes down, etc. But one of their more important accomplishments is the money donated to Lamar State College Orange for their perpetual scholarship fund.

Education is a big part of a Realtors life, always attending classes to keep up with the latest changes in the laws on Real Estate and contracts. That’s why it was important to the Realtors of Orange to donate this money to this fund. Lamar State College has a designated scholarship program where the principal is never touched, so it can keep giving year after year. This enables them to assist so many of our local high school students, that don’t think they can attend college, due to funds or just the ones that need the extra help.

Realtors are hard working men and women and want to see Orange County thrive. They are a wealth of information so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call one with your questions.