Health Scores

Published 7:29 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From staff reports


  • Veteran’s Grocery

1900 Dupont Drive, Orange

Score 94

Demerits include no water, hot/cold running water or hand washing station found inside store.


  • Robert’s Steakhouse

3720 West Park Avenue, Orange

Score 93

Demerits include mold inside ice machine, mold inside walls and ceiling inside dishwashing room, standing water also found inside this room. Vent-a-hood, fryers, floors, walls and ceilings need to be cleaned.


  • Exxpress Mart #21

20871 South Hwy. 62, Orange

Score 97


  • Daily Donuts

2580 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Score 91

Demerits include sausage, eggs and boudin out of proper temperature., no record of time for sausage, eggs and boudin out at room temperatures, dates needed on all products inside coolers.


  • Churches Chicken

1805 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Score 91

Demerits include all foods inside coolers/freezers need to be covered, storage racks above the sink are rusted and need repair, ice formed on motor inside walk-in freezer. Several flies and gnats are found. Hair restraints are needed. Floors around fryers need cleaned.


  • Star Stop #6

1101 Green Avenue, Orange

Score 91

Demerits include pulling several expired foods from shelves, lots of mold/slime inside ice machine that needs cleaning immediately, Racks inside reach-in coolers need to be cleaned of mold and trash. Damaged ceiling tiles found, floors behind equipment need to be cleaned.


  • Wok D’Lite

33 Strickland Drive, Orange

Score 90

Demerits Include eggrolls found out of temperatures. All foods inside coolers need to be covered. Foods being stored inside grocery bags inside freezers. The outside of the equipment, coolers, vent-a-hood, floors and walls need to be cleaned.