Cast your vote for health, wealth and prosperity

Published 8:02 am Saturday, October 29, 2016

Editorial by Bobby Tingle


Early voting began Monday with a vengeance. By mid-morning on day one of the current early voting period, a significant line of waiting voters stretched outside the boundaries of the voting room. At least 15 or twenty waited inside, but another 20 or so were in line down an aisle of the City of Orange Public Library.

Inside the pace was smooth and efficient, I assume. I didn’t vote that day, so I never made it inside the voting room. I waited until day three. When I arrived at the library about ten ‘til eight there was a line of about a dozen cheerful, soon to be voters. Several more lined up before the doors opened. When I did make my way into the infamous voting room the pace was smooth and efficient. There were at least a half dozen election workers maintaining a smooth flow.

I came prepared to watch carefully for impropriety. The people in the know, in this election and previous elections, have warned me, you see, to be cautious. Someone may want to steal my vote with a ‘hanging chad’ or some other notorious invention of those intent on ‘rigging’ the system.

I checked my ballot carefully.

I inspected the pencil provided for marking my ballot.

I remembered the skills I learned in first grade. I left my mark inside the lines of the oval and I made sure I filled in the oval completely. I am pretty certain that once I marked my ballot nothing or no one changed my marks prior to placing my ballot face down in the box.

I am fairly confident my vote is safe and secure as I intended.

I made my choices after reading the names of all the candidates contending for each position. I did not vote straight this or that. Even when I do choose all Democrat or all Republican I feel like I should read the choices and make a selection for each race. It is my personal preference. Now those choices are made and I intend to move on.

I was back in my car ready to do so at twelve minutes after eight.

I do not expect health, wealth and prosperity to come my way even if all my choices win.

But don’t you think that is what has been promised? Don’t you think some voters believe that if their candidate prevails a windfall of health, wealth and prosperity will follow?

One candidate will lower your tax rates to spur prosperity. The other will target their tax increases to a select group. Both plans come with a promise of prosperity once the plan is implemented.

I know I will have health care no matter who wins. All that is wrong will be corrected in our health care system and in our health insurance options. Those making promises have assured us we will spend less and get more.

I can’t wait.

The middle class will soon be liberated from their stagnation. Wealth is just around the corner. The big event will commence soon. Just wait for all the votes to be counted. No matter who wins they all promised us this will happen.

I, for one, do not believe it. I voted for President of the United States and for an Orange County Commissioner to serve on Commissioners Court.

Frankly, I do not believe either of them will be able to impact my life very much. I certainly will not look to them for health, wealth or prosperity. If I don’t seek those things by the sweat of my brow, then I expect none of it to materialize.

We are far too dependent on others for our success and happiness. Far too often we look to politicians making empty promises as we pursue those goals. They know full well they cannot keep those promises, but voters can be swayed by the allure of personal gain.

Not all politicians make empty promises, but some do.

We should know better by now.

Go vote. Then move on to the hard work of investing your time and energy in your pursuit of health, wealth and prosperity. I suggest you do so by the sweat of your brow.


Bobby Tingle is Publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at