UIL still flirting with HS baseball pitch count

Published 8:49 am Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The University Interscholastic League medical advisory committee simplified its previous pitch count proposal Sunday, removing age restrictions and opting for more blanket pitching limitations ahead of the 2017 high school baseball season.

Under the revised proposal, all high school players will be limited to 110 pitches, regardless of age. Players will be limited to 110 pitches total in postseason series’ as well. Players in middle school are limited to 85 pitches. A third party pitch counter – provided by the home team – was also added into the new proposal.

UIL’s legislative council will review the proposal in two weeks.

The previous proposal limited pitches to 95 for players ages 14-16 and 110 for those 17-19. That proposal also allowed a pitcher to be back on the mound the next day if he threw 30 or fewer pitches. A day’s rest would have been required after 31-45 pitches, two days after 46-65, three days after 66-85 and four days after 86-110.

Limitations are a requirement now that the National Federation of State High School Associations mandated in July that each member association, such as the UIL, must implement a pitch count. Right now, the only UIL regulation regarding pitchers are that one cannot throw more than 10 innings if pitching in more than one game in a day.