Health Scores

Published 6:22 pm Tuesday, October 4, 2016

From staff reports


  • Blue Bird Fish Camp

102 North Farragut Avenue, Orange

Score: 99

  • Kroger #950

1600 16th Street, Orange

Score: 93

Demerits included expired foods from 2014, 2015 and 2016, dented cans, ice buildup in both back walk-in freezers.

  • Kroger Deli #950

1600 16th Street, Orange

Score: 95

Demerits included walk-in cooler not keeping proper temperatures. Several flies and gnats found. Storage shelves, floors and walls need to be cleaned.

  • Kajun Seafood and Wing II

1102 West Park Avenue, Orange

Score: 82

Demerits included shrimp, fried rice/sliced onions at improper temperature. Foods stored inside open metal cans in coolers. Employee not using sanitizer for clean dishes. Equipments, floors and walls need to be cleaned of old food, dirt and trash.

  • Lom’s Seafood

2507 MacArthur Drive, Orange

Score: 94

Demerits included foods inside reach-in freezer needs to be covered (shrimp), no certified food manager. Front and back storage rooms need to be cleaned.

  • Lucky Wok

1803 16th Street, Orange

Score: 89

Demerits included eggrolls improper temperature, food stored in metal cans in walk-in cooler, front cooler storing vegetables not working properly, drinks being stored on prep table.

  • PK’s Grill

1627 Strickland Drive, Orange

Score: 96

Demerits included Raw chicken stored improperly inside reach-in cooler.

  • K-Dan’s Super Foods

9604 Farm to Market Road 105, Orangefield

Score: 95

Demerits included several expired foods on shelves.

  • K-Dan’s Super Foods Deli

9604 Farm to Market Road 105, Orangefield.

Score: 96

Demerits included front cooler keeping improper temperature, vent-a-hood area around fryers, floors, walls and ceilings need to be cleaned.


  • Texas Country Store #2

7411 Interstate 10 East, Orange

Score: 93

Demerits included several expired food on shelves, inside ice and Icee machine need cleaning of mold, back storage room needs cleaned and organized, missing baseboards and ceiling tiles need replacing.

  • Bar-B-Que Depot #1

110 Old Highway 90 East, Vidor

Score: 99

  • On Your Way Valero

3030 Highway 12, Vidor

Score: 92

Demerits included all foods inside food warmer at unsafe temperatures, food warmer not keeping proper temperature, missing vent above fryers/grill.

  • Star Stop #2/in and Out

100 West Freeway, Vidor

Score: 99

  • The Donut Palace

1875 Texas Avenue, Bridge City

Score: 90

Demerits included boudin, sausage, and eggs improper temperatures, storage shelves, food containers, floors and walls need cleaning.

  • Sunset Grove Country Club

2900 West Sunset Drive, Orange

Score: 94

Demerits include bags of flour open on storage shelves, several gnats found, vent-a-hood area and back storage area need cleaning, walls at back of sink found to have mold.

  • Nolan Food Store

20390 Interstate 10 West, Vidor

Score: 95

Demerits included dates needed on all products and drinks being stored on the floor inside the walk-in cooler.



The following locations had zero violations and received a perfect Score: of 100:

  • Fastlane #4

2598 North Main Street, Vidor

  • Hamburger Depot

2395 Texas Ave., Bridge City

  • Hampton Inn Orange

2080 Interstate 10 West, Orange

  • El Rancho Mexican Restaurant

2413 16th Street, Orange

  • Shiver Shack

6928-B Hwy. 87 North, Orange

  • James Brown Gumbo House

995 North Main Street, Vidor

  • First Presbyterian Daycare

412 9th Street, Orange

  • Wendy’s #60

2205 Hwy. 62, McLewis

  • Kidz World Learning Center

1875 Miller Drive, Bridge City

  • Dairy Queen

1780 Teaxs Ave., Bridge City

  • First Baptist Church

7637 Martin Luther King Drive, Orange

  • Sweet Life Ice Cream Parlor

1601 16th Street, Orange



The following locations passed pre-opening inspections;

  • New York Pizza and Pasta

18635 Interstate 10 #100, Vidor

Ownership change, reissue permit

  • Sweet Life Ice Cream Parlour

1601 16th Street, Orange

  • Paul’s Seafood

2650 Lutcher Drive, Orange

  • Little Cypress Jr. High

6765 FM 1130, Orange

Cafeteria kitchen was reopened after remodel.

  • Dollar Tree #6480

850 North Main Street, Vidor

  • Blackbeards

439 West Freeway, Vidor

  • Natural Michoarana Icecream

1055 Texas Avenue #B, Bridge City

  • Subway #66696

3030 Highway 12, Vidor