Students get moving at BCI

Published 10:02 am Saturday, September 10, 2016

Special to The Leader

At Bridge City Intermediate, students get moving to a different theme everyday in PE.  The coaches were excited about encouraging students to try various physical activities throughout the week. Knowing the theme for each day helps them be prepared for what is in store. Now, students look forward to their favorite days.

Move it Monday- The coaches make sure that every single body is moving and grooving while getting the students to move about in a fun manner.
Teamwork Tuesday- “What’s going to work? TEAMWORK!” On this day, the students are encouraged to learn and improve on working as a team. We all know that teamwork makes the dream work! This also helps grow social skills.
Workout Wednesday- On this day, the students work with a purpose to keep their bodies healthy.

Throwback Thursday- The students are allowed to have a blast from the past and play one of their favorite games that they have already played a few times before.
Fantastic Friday- 
Not sure if there will be a new game introduced or a new stretch added to the warm up, but the students know that when they are in PE on Friday that it is going to be FANTASTIC!