Recycle, reuse, reduce

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, August 31, 2016

By Dawn Burleigh


Recycling is offered in Orange County; however, Sandra Hoke said it is a well-kept secret.

Hoke asked the Orange County Commissioners Court to take action to support the recycling offered at the Orange County Collection Site located on Farm to Market Road 1442.

“It is a well kept secret that Orange County recycles,” Hoke said. “And it’s free.”

While citizens need a tag to use the landfill for trash and debris, recycle items are collected without a fee.

“It is important to recycle,” Hokje said. “When I called I spoke to two ladies who did not know it was offered. I have to assume the courthouse does not recycle.”

Hoke, prior to the opening of the collection site, would drive to Beaumont to participate in recycling.

She has since inspired her church, First United Methodist, to also recycle.

“Recently we had some metal such as gutters and drains,” Hoke said.

Hoke suggested taking the metal to a metal salvage business.

“It was $600 worth,” Hoke said. “Who doesn’t need an extra $600?”

Hoke said several items are able to be recycled such as:

Plastic 1-7


Junk mail



Metal cans


Orange County Collection Site does not require the items to be separated. The items must be bagged.

Because plastic water bottles are shielded from sunlight in landfills, they will not decompose for thousands of years, according to MRC Polymers website.

Hoke also said if one in five persons started recycling it would make a difference.

“One bag makes a difference,” Hoke said. “By using a reusable bag for your groceries, you are saving the landfills from 6-7 plastic bags a week.”

That equals to over 300 plastic grocery bags not in the landfills or in the waters in one year.