Tiger Rock of Orange rise to occasion in International World Championship Tournament

Published 8:53 am Saturday, August 20, 2016

By Jamie Green

The Orange Leader

Focus your eyes. Focus your mind. Focus your body.

These are the three rules of concentration for Tiger Rock Martial Arts International. This was the unspoken mantra of so many who competed at the Tiger Rock Martial Arts International World Championship Tournament. Martial artists from all over the world gathered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana July 20 – 23 for the opportunity to test their skills against the best of the best. For some it was about more than just competition, it was an opportunity to test for the high rank belts of international status.

Athletes applied their skills to events such as Forms, Board Breaking, Sparring, Agility Courses,Traditional Free Design Forms, and Extreme Free Design Forms. Representing Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Orange, were 11 students and one instructor. Participants such as 8 year old Level 3 Blue Belt William Head, 9 year old Level 1 Brown Belt Darci Flynn, 12 year old 1st Degree Level 3 Black Belt Bryan Croaker, and 16 year old Level 2 Blue Belt Adrienne Norris gave their all and earned the respect of friends, family, and instructors alike with their hard work, determination, and sportsmanship. World Championship medalists include 8 year old Level 2 Blue Belt Zaiden Barron with Bronze in Extreme Free Design Forms and Bronze in Board Breaking, 8 year old Level 1 Blue Belt Gage Frazier with Silver in Board Breaking, 8 year old Level 1 Blue Belt Logan Frazier with Gold in Board Breaking and Gold in Sparring, 9 year old Level 3 Green Belt William Prewitt with Bronze in Forms and Bronze in Board Breaking, 10 year old Level 3 Green Belt Sheradon Helms with Gold in Board Breaking, 14 year old Level 1 Green Belt Tabitha Lance with Gold in Forms and Gold in Board Breaking, and 35 year old 2nd Degree Level 1 Black Belt Brandon Morrell with a Silver in Board Breaking. Instructor Alex Strait, 20, won a Bronze in Board Breaking and Bronze in Forms. In addition to his achievements in competition, Strait also tested and earned his 4th Degree Black Belt, which is the first internationally recognized black belt and a major milestone in a martial artist’s career.

For such a modest academy, Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Orange came away with great results. “Every student poured their hearts into the competition. What a pleasurable experience to see these athletes rise to the occasion!” Strait said. “The teammates learned sportsmanship and how the power of positive thinking can lead you to where you want to be. Way to go Team Orange!”

, “The students of The Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy of Orange did a tremendous job at the World Tournament in Baton Rouge,” Senior Instructor and manager, Sr. 5th Degree Black Belt Glenda Carroll said. “It is an honor to work with these students and witness their accomplishments. I couldn’t be more pleased with their endeavors as martial artists and look forward to many more years as their instructor. You guys Tiger Rock!”

“We’re excited to get back to training as we begin our new training cycle that is starting on Monday,” Owner of the Orange, Vidor, and Beaumont Tiger Rock Martial Arts academies, 7th Degree Black Belt Master David Howells said. “As one competition season comes to a close a new one is just beginning. We look forward to unlocking the untapped martial arts potential of our Back to School white belt beginners as they join our seasoned champions. Together they will begin their training for the Tiger Rock District Championships to be held in Lumberton this coming November. We know they will Tiger Rock it!”

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Orange is located at 2318 Lutcher Drive In Orange and already in training for the 2016 District Tournament to be held November 5 in Lumberton.