Sholars Medicine Chest closes doors after 126 years

Published 8:55 am Saturday, August 20, 2016

By Bobby Tingle


Sholars Medicine Chest located at 1301 W Park Avenue in Orange closed its doors for business on Friday. Scholars customers will now be served at the CVS Pharmacy located at 2425 16th Street in Orange.

According to Lindsay Isaac, pharmacy technician, the current location will be vacated and retail operations will cease. Medicine Chest located in Sulphur Springs owned and operated seven retail outlets.

Sholars is the only local retail outlet affected.

“It is a shock, we have been in the community so long, we have been involved in the community with Little League and High School” Michael Smith, store manager, said. “Some people have used this pharmacy for so long it is all they know.”

According to Smith all of the current employees will transfer to the CVS Pharmacy on 16th Street.

The closure of the store will not result in any layoffs. Current employees will maintain their current tenure benefits as well.

Sholars has been in business since 1890. The pharmacy was owned locally until 2006 when it was purchased by Medicine Chest. The store continued to be managed by local employees since 2006.

Medicine Chest has called and mailed letters to their current customers to inform them of the store closure. Employees also informed customers who visited the store in the past two weeks since the decision was made final.

“We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and support,” Smith said.