Football was just about a year ago

Published 8:40 am Saturday, August 20, 2016

Editorial by Bobby Tingle


One of the less well know Credence Clear Water Revival (CCR) recordings, written by John C. Fogerty begins, “Just about a year ago, I set out on the road, seekin’ my fame and fortune and lookin’ for a pot of gold”.

The name of that song, if you are not old enough to know already, is “Lodi”. I can’t count how many times I listened to that song and sang along with John and his band. I know I memorized it. I was using cassette tapes at the time and probably had a half dozen or so ‘albums’ on cassette tape. One of those was a CCR cassette I am sure I bought for other songs. This one was a bonus. Since I enjoyed singing along as I listened, Lodi is one of those tunes I can sing by memory these many years hence. I doubt I sound like John.

Well it was just about a year ago, when I started hanging around The Orange Leader full-time. When I arrived football season was in full swing. Football season was nothing new, but my duties and my location were. Up until my arrival here, my main concern during football season was how late are we going to be and can’t you get done any sooner. Now my concern has shifted to how in the world are we going to get to all the games, get all the stats, write all the stories, set all the photos and get it all on the page and get it to the press on time?

Fortunately, I have some very competent folks who I work with, Van Wade and Dawn Burleigh, who absolutely know how to get it done.

A few weeks back, I went out to the West Orange-Stark Middle School campus. My task was to take photos of the City of Orange Fire Department providing some cool relief to the Middle school players as they finished their workouts. At the time, the temperature was hovering in the 90s during the day, with little relief at night. These players were out practicing and doing conditioning drills to prepare for the upcoming season.

I expected half of a dozen coaches and fifty or so players. When I arrived, I do believe half of Orange was there. The players were scattered over an area where you could fit half of a dozen football fields. There were at least half of a dozen teams practicing and they ranged in age from elementary to middle school age.

Then, there were the fans. I suspect most of those were moms, grandmothers, dads and granddads. But, many of them had siblings with them. I got the cutest picture of a young lady barely out of the cradle playing in the sand.

“Why didn’t you get her name and permission to publish her picture?” Dawn asked. I will know better next time.

When the firemen began their shower of cool, refreshing water, a literal army of players, and I suspect a few others, thoroughly enjoyed the refreshment.

That was a good beginning for what will commence the last week of August. Young athletes will be competing on Friday night. But there will be a whole host of others who will be out before and after seeking the experience, knowledge and recognition that will prepare them for that moment when there time will come to play under those Friday night lights.

Football season is an exciting time. Whether you are a Lion, Cardinal, Bobcat, Bear or Mustang I suspect your team spirit will be revving up soon.

Don’t miss our Football 2016 season preview that will publish Wednesday, August 24. It is packed with photos, season previews and statistics.

Let’s go out and have a safe, injury free and championship season!

My pot of gold is still out there, but I will keep pursuing it.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at