Nungesser Calls for Private Donations and Volunteers, creates portal

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Special to The Leader

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser agreed to Governor Edwards’ request to lead the statewide effort to coordinate private donations and volunteers throughout the state and between parishes. Nungesser’s office has created a portal for residents and organizations to register and offer donations and to volunteer in support of recovery efforts throughout Louisiana. In addition to food and volunteers, many organizations are in need of monetary donations and links have been added to to those organizations in need.

The Lt. Governor’s Office has reached out to each parish to begin the coordination effort and determine needs. Below is the information for food donations and volunteers:

Food: Any group or corporation intending to donate, cook, or serve food can email and they will be connected to the parish nearest them or with the most need.

Volunteer: Any individual or group wanting to volunteer can go to and register. Following registration, the individual will be connected with an organization in need of volunteers. 

“Our culture is deeper than these floodwaters and I have never been prouder to be a Louisianian than when neighbor was helping neighbor these past few days. Just as we have done in previous disasters, the people of Louisiana will stand strong and rebuild,” said Lt. Governor Nungesser. “We stand united today in our call to all citizens of Louisiana and America to continue to provide support and aid our brothers and sisters in need.”

This is a major incident which will require lots of volunteer efforts as well as financial support. Twenty-five parishes in Louisiana are declared in a state of emergency and twenty of those parishes have been designated by the federal government as a state of emergency.

Lt. Governor Nungesser and Volunteer Louisiana will help marshal AmeriCorps and national service resources to assist with response and recovery efforts. Once the threat has subsided, those registered with Volunteer Louisiana will be connected with volunteer opportunities to serve and assist in recovery efforts. 

Shelter info and “Find my Family” is available for free on the Red Cross Emergency App or