Economic Development continuing in Orange

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, July 27, 2016

By Martha Tallent

The Orange Leader

Orange City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on July 26, 2016.

The Tony Houseman Companies agreed to donate 20 acres of land at Eagle Point, Interstate 10 in Orange, during the Tuesday evening Orange City Council Meeting. The contingency is that a road, 80’ wide and 1200’ long, be put in allowing for access to the land for the purpose of economic development. The Council passed the measure, the use of funds not to exceed $650,000, if a big box anchor company can be found to build, drawing smaller businesses in around it. This will be a one year contract for the expansion process to begin.

Two volunteer positions with the Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board have been filled for a term ending July 26, 2018, by Orange citizens, Ashley M. Tarver and Jacqueline M. Singleton

New federal mandates required that improvements and updates be made to the city water and wastewater systems. Phase 1 began in 2015, and is now complete. Phase 2 has now been approved. Approval was given for an ordinance authorizing publication of Notice of Intention to issue City of Orange, Texas, Tax & Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2016 (the “Certificates”) in a maximum principal amount not to exceed $5,110,000; authorizing the Mayor, City Manager, City Secretary, City Staff, City Financial Advisors, Legal Counsel and Bond Counsel to take all actions deemed necessary in connection with the issuance and sale of such certificates; and providing an effective date. Approval was given to engage Germer PLLC as bond counsel.

A second Public Hearing was held to receive comments on the proposed Substantial Amendment to the Five Year Consolidated Plan and the 2014 Annual Action Plan for the City of Orange’s Community Development Block Grant Program.

A resolution passed formally adopting the substantial amendment to the Five Year Consolidated Plan increasing the 2014 Park Improvements Project to $131,794.45 through the reallocation of funds from a 2011 Street Improvements Project, $1,477.45 and through the reallocation of funds from a 2013 Water/Sewer Project, $70,000.00. Additionally, adding emergency services for utility disconnection, mortgage assistance to prevent foreclosure, rental assistance to prevent eviction and/or housing to prevent homelessness will be added to the 2014 Annual Action Plan through a public service agency currently funded.

A resolution passed awarding a contract to Excavation & Construction, LLC in the amount of $164,107.66 for the SH 62 water extension, 900′ N of IH-10 to TxDOT Office. Seven bids were submitted and it was granted to the lowest bidder, a company out of Nederland.

A book lending program began July 1 allowing the Orange Public Library to be a lender of books to libraries throughout the state of Texas. A resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a SFY2016 ILL Lending Reimbursement Program Grant Agreement to receive reimbursement for postage and processing of interlibrary loans made to other Texas libraries was passed by the City Council.