Working to end domestic violence in Orange County

Published 2:09 pm Monday, July 11, 2016

Special to The Leader

Family Services Counseling Center announced this week that they will expand their Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program to include a weekly class in Orange.

“Our classes in Beaumont and Port Arthur have been very successful,” Executive Director Janet Walker said. “We are excited to expand the services we offer in Orange County.”
The Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) is an effective way to hold family violence offenders accountable for their behavior. It teaches steps that abusers can take to ensure a non-violent future and provides a setting to practice non-violent and non-abusive behaviors.
“Domestic violence won’t stop unless the community holds batterers accountable and until batterers change their behaviors. Most of our BIPP participants are referred by the legal system, but we encourage anyone who feels they need help controlling their violent tendencies at home to enroll,” Family Service’s BIPP Director Terry Brown said. “Our class is very successful in teaching abusers a way to break the cycle of violence with the hopes of keeping their family together.”
The Family Services Counseling Center in Beaumont helps families and individuals with issues like grief, depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, parenting challenges, child abuse and neglect, and more. For more information on Family Services’ BIPP Program, or other counseling services, please call (409)833-2668.
Family Services’ Women and Children’s Shelter also offers emergency shelter, support and counseling services (in Beaumont) for victims of domestic violence living in Orange County. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call the Family Services Domestic Violence 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at (409)832-7575.