Orange City Council Has Public Hearing to Reallocate Funds to Help the Sunset Park Skate Park

Published 4:08 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

By Martha Tallent

The Orange Leader

A Public Hearing was held to receive comments on the Proposed City of Orange’s Community Development Block Grant Program. The Substantial Amendment is to reallocate remaining funds of $1,477.45 from a 2011 Street Improvement Project that finished under budget and funds of $70,317.10 from a 2013 Water/Sewer Project that went through the procurement process and received no bidders. These funds would be reallocated to a 2014 Park Improvements Project – Sunset Park increasing the amount to $131,794.55. The proposed upgrade to Sunset Park is a Skate Park. These funds have to be reallocated during a certain window of opportunity or they will be lost by the City of Orange. Dr. Guidry expressed concern to make sure there were enough skaters to warrant the use of these funds. Wynnette Johnson commented, “If you build it, they will come.”

Aa Proclamation was approved by the City Council to declare June 18th as Juneteenth in Orange, Texas. Many activities are planned throughout the month of June.

The City Council approved the ordinance amending Ordinance 2009-28 to be consistent with the requirements of Ordinance No. 2015-12 Exhibit B Development Agreement at Section One Paragraph 3, by excluding all International Paper Company sales from the base franchise fee and incremental franchise fee calculation; finding that the meeting complies with the Open Meetings Act; making other findings and provisions related to the subject, and declaring an effective date.

The ordinance amending Ordinance 1999-10 adopted on March 23, 1999 by providing a development plan for a Mixed Use Zoning District located north of Interstate 10 at Simmons Drive (108, 109, 117, 507 and 537 Lutcher Drive); providing an effective date; providing a severability clause; and repealing any ordinance in conflict with this ordinance to the extent of such conflict was also approved.


City Council also approved an ordinance of approving the rates proposed by CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp., doing business as CenterPoint Energy Entex and CenterPoint Energy Texas Gas (“CenterPoint” or “Company”) Company’s Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program (“GRIP”) filing made with the City on March 31, 2016; finding that the meeting complies with the Open Meetings Act; making other findings and provisions related to the subject, and declaring an effective date. Shawn Oubre said this ordnance has been tabled for the last few months to give due diligence to making sure this was warranted and they find it necessary.

A resolution to consolidate the City of Orange local registrar duties to the Orange County Clerk was approved by the City Council. This will help Orange citizens conduct their business more efficiently.

City Council also approved a resolution awarding a contract to Excavation &

Construction, LLC in the amount of $472,065.04 for the Allie Payne Water & Sewer Improvements, White Oak Road to 1,600 feet west.

Also approved was a resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club for use of the Orange Municipal Natatorium.

City Council also approved a resolution designating individuals to act on behalf of the City of Orange to make withdrawals, authorize transfers and perform related actions involving all accounts on deposit with the City’s depository bank(s). Attorney Shawn Oubre said this would allow Ms. Zeto sign off on deposits.

Also approved was a resolution recommending that Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) lower the speed limit on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive (FM 3247) from 70 mph to 55 mph.

A motion declaring a 2001 BMW as surplus and authorizing disposal by auction through René Bates Auctioneers, Inc.